Helen Grace, Publisher of Town Planner Cos Cob, CT

"The Town Planner Calendar has been a very satisfying business to be in for many reasons.  Foremost, it is immediately profitable! The publication is so well received in the community that people call for extra copies rather than asking that their name be removed from the mailing list." 

-Chuck Sussman, Publisher of Town Planner Darien, CT

Rich Diesterheft, Publisher of Town Planner Chicago, IL

It’s been a lot of hard work to get where we are today, but I don't regret it at all. Very few business ventures appeal to me more than TP, and being presented with other ideas has given me an appreciation for what we do and what we have.

-Deb and Jay Gordinier, Publishers of Town Planner Milford, MI. 

My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our 40th Anniversary Trip to Australia, New Zealand, and Fiji. If you get the chance the Down Under trip is well worth it. I am grateful for Town Planner that made all this possible.

-Jim Hess, Indiana

[When] I wanted to start my own business, there were a few reasons why I chose TPC. . .The initial investment was reasonable, I was looking for a business that gave me flexibility, I also wanted to be local.  TPC allows me to do all this.

-Steve Strobel, Publisher of Sun Prairie, WI. 

"I was able to have a flexible schedule as my sons were growing up. Now I get to know the community and as the internet portion evolves, I am able to move toward a platform that I have been involved with in the past.  I like getting to know business owners and helping them grow."

-Bill Hughes, Illinois



At Town Planner we take pride in providing a site where members and organizers can keep everyone informed about important and fun things to do.  If this sounds like more your speed, head back to our main Town Planner site, HERE.

Town Planner offers you the ideal business to get started with.  You can work locally at the hours you set and determine all while working for yourself.  Download our sales brochure and start on your path to reaching all of your goals today!

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