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Our flagship wall calendar provides constant in-home visibility. And now with the immediacy of our website we offer a one-two punch for getting the word out. We allow some businesses and non-profit organizations to post their events on our site which we add to locally and with national content as well. Everything you see on the website is pushed out daily through our mobile app and weekly through e-newsletter.  


Check some of our local community pages by clicking below.  


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Eric Magerman, Publisher

Helen Grace, Publisher

The O'Dowds, Publishers

Tudoost, LLC, Publisher

Steve Nelson, Publisher

Joe Glitz, Publisher

Sarah Buntura, Publisher

Frank Huebler, Publisher

The Gordiniers, Publishers

The DiGoias, Publishers

Stacy Travis, Publisher

Joyce Carter, Publisher

Bill Hughes, Publisher

Andrea Purdy, Publisher

Mandi Pooler, Publisher

John Martin, Publisher

Steve Strobel, Publisher

Monica Fletcher, Publisher

The digital component of our program is always being updated with new features. Visitors currently visit for an update on what is happening in their community. Soon visitors will be able to create their own calendars for organizing and informing their clubs, families, businesses and any other group that is looking for a great way to communicate future plans with each other. 

After all as Tony Robbins says…..”If you talk about it it’s a dream, if you envision it it’s possible, and if you schedule it it’s real.” 

The future is bright with our digital offering and expansion plans. 

Click HERE for answers to some frequently asked questions, and click HERE to apply. 

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